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What Are Slot Machines?

A slot machine also known as a slot machine is a type of casino game that usually includes three or more reels or reels that are spun when the player places a bet. Winnings are counted as soon as the reels stop spinning. In a classic slot machine, a win occurs when the reels show three or more identical and adjacent symbols on a valid payline. As in any casino game, these results are always random, and cannot be controlled or influenced by either the player or the house.

Probabilities and Theoretical Return

In the case of slot machines available at any online casino, the randomness of the game is programmed by a mathematical algorithm, which offers a certain percentage of theoretical return.

What is Theoretical Return?

Theoretical return (or “RTP”) is the percentage of all the money bet that a player can expect to receive back, theoretically, over time. The higher this value, the lower the house’s advantage. For example, for a theoretical return of 95%, if you place 100 bets of € 1 each, you can expect to receive, on average, € 95.

Attention: this is a theoretical value, and, since slot machines are random games, the real value can be much higher or lower than the indicated RTP. Therefore, this value is for reference only.

In fact, it is their randomness that makes slot machines a unique form of entertainment, as we never know what will happen. Sometimes, games offer us truly unforgettable results, precisely because of their rarity. Click the website https://lanfordequipment.com/ to know more.

But don’t forget:  any online casino game is always, and above all, a form of entertainment . You should not play in the hope of always winning or to recover your losses, but to have fun.

What are Pay Lines?

Each payline corresponds to a set of symbols that result in the award of a prize.

Traditionally, slot machines featured only three reels and three lines, and often only had one payline: a straight line that included the three symbols in the middle.

Nowadays, slot machines more often have several pay lines, with slots with 10, 20, 40 or even 100 lines becoming more and more common.

This number of lines in each game can be fixed, or variable. Being variable, the player can choose how many active paylines he wants to play with, with more lines usually implying higher stake values.

As a rule, paylines only pay for combinations of adjacent symbols horizontally and only from left to right, starting at the leftmost roll, but there are exceptions.

How Do Slots Without Pay Lines Work?

Although paylines are one of the most common elements of a slot machine, they are not mandatory. In fact, some of the best casino games do not include them.

In recent years, online game creators have found increasingly original ways to award prizes without paylines.

One of the solutions found is to reward equal symbols on adjacent rolls, ignoring any lines. This feature, which is also known as ways to win or multiways (depending on the game), gives rise to a very high number of possible winning combinations.

The fact that these games do not include paylines offers great flexibility to their creators, who can then develop other game mechanics.

For example, in games without paylines it is common to find reels with a variable number of symbols, which makes the number of possible winning combinations also different in each round.

What Are Falling Symbols?

Also known as: “cascading symbols”, “cascading cylinders” or “avalanche of symbols”, this type of functionality is usually (but not always) found in slots without paylines.

On each successful move, the winning symbols disappear from your reels, being replaced by new symbols that fall from above, and you can generate new winnings without having to bet again.

Of course, this is an increasingly popular feature, as it increases the potential of each prize.

Special Slot Machine Features

In addition to the different game mechanics you can find in a slot machine (explained above), these games can now offer a wide range of special features that allow for more advantageous odds or give players extra prizes.

Nowadays, slot machines are games with increasingly diverse and complex features, which means that the explanations below are merely indicative. You should always read the game rules for each of our slot machines, which are always available within each game.

What are Wilds?

Wilds are special symbols that replace other payment symbols. For this reason, these symbols are more valuable, as they make winning combinations easier.

Sometimes wild symbols have additional features. They can ignore the adjacency rule, for example, or offer additional prizes if a payline is made up only of wilds.

The “wild” symbol (term that comes from English) is also known in Portuguese as “wild symbol” or “joker”