The Best Things To Do In Drumheller: A Day Trip Itinerary

Horsethief Canyon Drumheller

This post was updated in July 2020.

Have you heard of Drumheller? To be honest, I had not before visiting this spectacular area in Alberta. The Canadian Rockies tend to get all the attention (granted, they are magnificient), but I really like Drumheller as well.

We had never seen Badlands before and Drumheller is Badlands XXL. The rock formations are absolutely amazing, plus, it’s nowhere near as busy as Banff and Jasper in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

What’s more, Drumheller is famous for all the dinosaur bones that have been found in the area (it’s called the dinosaur capital of the world!). The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller is one of the most important paleontology museums on the planet. And that’s just one of the many things to do in Drumheller!

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The best things to do in Drumheller

We spent a couple of days in the Drumheller area, but if you are short on time you can manage to see everything on this list on a day trip from Calgary (provided you get an early start). However, I highly recommend spending at least 2 days in Drumheller.

Map of Drumheller attractions

Drumheller things to do map

Click here for the interactive map.

What to do in Drumheller

  • Visit Horseshoe Canyon
  • Climb the World’s Largest Dinosaur
  • Explore the Royal Tyrrell Museum
  • Drive the North & South Dinosaur Trail: the Little Church, Horsethief Canyon, Bleriot Ferry, Orkney Viewpoint
  • Drive the Hoodoos Trail: Wayne, Star Mine Suspension Bridge, Hoodoos, East Coulee School Museum and Atlas coal mine (National Historic site)
Yellow field Drumheller Alberta Canada

Drumheller tourist attractions part I: Drumheller city center and around

Horseshoe Canyon

Horseshoe Canyon Drumheller

I already mentioned Drumheller is a great place to explore because of the beautiful Badlands landscape. One of the best places to see the Badlands is at the Horseshoe Canyon, which was shaped by a glacier.

There is a trail leading into the Canyon, unfortunately is was closed during the time of our visit (July 2017).

Visiting Horseshoe Canyon is free.

World’s Largest Dinosaur

The World's Largest Dinosaur in Drumheller Alberta Canada

Besides the Badlands, Drumheller is Dinosaur galore, thousands and thousands of bones have been found in the region and dinosaur statues are everywhere.

Climb on the World's Largest Dinosaur in Drumheller - view through the teeth of a T-Rex

The biggest of them all is the 25 meters tall T-Rex located in Drumheller Center. You can climb to the top of the dino and look through its teeth for a great view.

The entrance fee for the World’s Largest Dinosaur is $4 CAD per person.

Pro tip: reader Carrie sent me this piece of insider info => if you want a great breakfast then stop at WHIFS, on North Dinosaur Trail on your way out to the museum.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum