Cheap Hotels In Sri Lanka: 13 Great Hotels Under €25 A Night

Palm trees lining road in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

This post was updated in July 2020.

Sri Lanka is a colorful country with friendly people, delicious food, beautiful nature, ancient history, and splendid beaches. An island located in the Indian Ocean that, despite its compact size, has everything you wish for in a perfect holiday destination.

And the good news is that Sri Lanka is an excellent budget destination, as such you will find lots of comfortable but cheap hotels in Sri Lanka. During our 1 month trip around Sri Lanka, the price we paid for accommodation varied between €6 and €25 per night.

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Cheap hotels in Sri Lanka

Accommodation in Sri Lanka: tips and tricks

When you are traveling around Sri Lanka, you learn a thing or two about Sri Lanka budget accommodation. Here are some important things to know before your trip.

Finding the exact location of your accommodation

I have never had so much trouble finding the accommodation we booked online as in Sri Lanka. In my experience, the locations listed in Agoda and Booking are usually pretty accurate. However, for several accommodations listed below this wasn’t the case.

Luckily, the helpful locals pointed us in the right direction. I have included directions for many of the places we stayed at as well as I could. But if you’re unable to find a place, just ask for help!

The kind people of Sri Lanka are more than happy to point you in the right direction (or walk with you until you have arrived at your desired destination).

Home-stays instead of hotels

Most places we stayed at were home-stays, with only 1-3 rooms. I really enjoyed the small-scale setup of the accommodation in Sri Lanka. In Southeast Asia, we spent most nights in hotels (10-15 rooms). Also very nice, just different.

Agoda versus Booking

I often book with Agoda because most of the time their price is slightly lower than Booking and you can pay online with your credit card (thereby reducing your need for cash).

This can be very convenient in countries with hefty ATM fees or a limit on how much cash you can withdraw per transaction. However, in Sri Lanka, I found Booking often had better offers.

It’s a bit confusing that Agoda does include tax in their price while Booking does not, this makes it more difficult to compare. Anyway, I always check both and book the cheapest option!

Sri Lanka Pidurangala rock view from the top

The best budget hotels in Sri Lanka

In the map below you can find the names and location of the cheap accommodation in Sri Lanka included in this post.

I’ve also added directions for our Sri Lanka accommodation where the map from Agoda/Booking wasn’t accurate.

Sri Lanka best budget hotels map

Click here for the interactive map.

Sri Lanka budget accommodation: important facts and figures

  • I traveled around Sri Lanka with my husband, we spent 26 nights in the country and stayed at 16 different accommodations.
  • Our trip was in February 2017, the exchange rate was approximately 160 Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) for €1 and 150 LKR for $1.
  • Our average, our accommodation costs were 2500LKR/€16/$17 per night.

1. Negombo, Erandi Holiday Home – 1 night