Main Articles About Industrial and Manufacturing Jobs

Industrial and manufacturing engineering basically focuses on incorporating human resources, machinery, and technology to produce services and products effectively, safely, and economically. These engineers are involved in the design and manufacture of products by using various methods such as automation, information systems, computer numerical control, machining, computer aided design, 3D computer modeling and simulation, digital technology, mechanics and aerospace, and non-ferrous materials. The need for skilled professionals in this field is ever increasing because of the fast pace of business in the modern world. They use several innovative and sophisticated tools and technologies to help them in their endeavors. These engineers are well paid and have various job opportunities available with them. Mainly, they work in main production plants and factories, but they can also work as consultants in large organizations and multinational companies.

There are various industrial engineering disciplines available. These include power generation, refining and processing, construction and mineral processing, petroleum and chemicals, electrical and electronics, aerospace, transportation, agricultural, communications, general engineering, chemical, civil and structural, environmental, and food and pharmaceutical industries. A graduate engineer should have an MBA degree or higher. A master’s degree is preferred so that the person can apply for senior positions in major companies. These professionals are equipped with the knowledge, skill, and experience to help the organization in its daily activities.

The amount of time required to get into any of the above mentioned career fields is less than one year. In case you are interested in becoming an electrician, the salary offered is generally between fifteen thousand to twenty five thousand dollars. A plumber will earn around fifteen thousand to twenty five thousand dollars for plumbing services. There is a huge difference between the salary offered by the various engineers within the industry.

Apart from these engineering disciplines, there are also many more to choose from. One of them is project management. Many manufacturing units utilize this discipline because it deals with the whole life cycle of the projects, from conception to delivery. It involves all the people involved in a particular project including designers, engineers, executives, technicians, salespersons, contract managers and others. Graduates with an MBA in integrated systems can look forward to a good career in this field.

Project management encompasses a lot of practices like risk management, cost control, human resources management, work scheduling and order processing. The principles used in it are the same as those used in other engineering disciplines. A manufacturing unit requires efficient operations management in order to increase the productivity of the manufacturing process. Graduates with degrees in systems engineering can capitalize on their expertise in this field and enterprising companies can hire them for effective project management.

Manufacturing is the main article associated with these engineering careers. It is necessary for a manufacturing unit to reduce costs and maximize its profitability. A successful operations research team focuses on lowering the cost of production, improving the quality of product and increasing the number of customers. Graduates with MBAs can look forward to lucrative careers in this field. Some of the main areas they can work on include processes optimization, production scheduling, material and machine planning, production control, component ordering, assembly and testing, and inspection.

Industrial and manufacturing engineers are required in a wide variety of industries including transportation, aerospace, petrochemical, energy, medical and dental, electronics, communications, power generation, textiles and the food and beverage industry. The main article relating to this career path is engineering research. This is the department that carries out research in various industrial areas for the purpose of finding solutions to problems. Graduates with MBAs can look forward to careers as managers, consultants, engineers and architects.

There is also another main article relating to this field which is supply chain management. In order for companies to achieve maximum efficiency, they need to make informed decisions about their supply chains. These decisions can involve anything from pricing, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and customer service. Graduates with MBAs in this field can look forward to rewarding careers in supply chain management.

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