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The Best Things To Do In Niagara Falls With Kids

Niagara Falls in autumn colors from above

This post was updated in July 2020.

Niagara Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world and is often cited as ‘the Honeymoon Capital of the World‘. While it’s definitely a wonderful spot to celebrate a special occasion, the falls are an excellent family destination as well.

There are many things to do in Niagara Falls with kids, whether making a quick weekend trip or planning a longer stay, there is plenty to keep the little ones entertained!

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Things to do in Niagara Falls with kids

Niagara Falls by dusk

This is a post by Kim of Being An Adult Is Hard. Kim was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. When she’s not writing about the trials and tribulations of adult responsibilities on her blog, she loves to discover cool places to write about and show them off whenever she can. 

Why you should plan a family trip to the Niagara Falls

We have lots of long-distance family and friends who come to visit us. They usually fly into Toronto and our first stop when showing them around is Niagara Falls, as it is only 1 ½ hours away and has so much to offer.

Having visited countless times with many different children, we wanted to share the family friendly attractions that are a hit with all of our visitors!

The best family activities in Niagara Falls

  • Voyage to the Falls Boat Tour
  • Skylon Tower
  • Niagara Skywheel
  • Dinosaur Adventure Golf
  • Zipline to the Falls
  • Niagara Glen Nature Area

Voyage to the Falls Boat Tour

The Best Things To Do In Drumheller: A Day Trip Itinerary

Horsethief Canyon Drumheller

This post was updated in July 2020.

Have you heard of Drumheller? To be honest, I had not before visiting this spectacular area in Alberta. The Canadian Rockies tend to get all the attention (granted, they are magnificient), but I really like Drumheller as well.

We had never seen Badlands before and Drumheller is Badlands XXL. The rock formations are absolutely amazing, plus, it’s nowhere near as busy as Banff and Jasper in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

What’s more, Drumheller is famous for all the dinosaur bones that have been found in the area (it’s called the dinosaur capital of the world!). The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller is one of the most important paleontology museums on the planet. And that’s just one of the many things to do in Drumheller!

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The best things to do in Drumheller

We spent a couple of days in the Drumheller area, but if you are short on time you can manage to see everything on this list on a day trip from Calgary (provided you get an early start). However, I highly recommend spending at least 2 days in Drumheller.

Map of Drumheller attractions

Drumheller things to do map

Click here for the interactive map.

What to do in Drumheller

  • Visit Horseshoe Canyon
  • Climb the World’s Largest Dinosaur
  • Explore the Royal Tyrrell Museum
  • Drive the North & South Dinosaur Trail: the Little Church, Horsethief Canyon, Bleriot Ferry, Orkney Viewpoint
  • Drive the Hoodoos Trail: Wayne, Star Mine Suspension Bridge, Hoodoos, East Coulee School Museum and Atlas coal mine (National Historic site)
Yellow field Drumheller Alberta Canada

Drumheller tourist attractions part I: Drumheller city center and around

Horseshoe Canyon

Horseshoe Canyon Drumheller

I already mentioned Drumheller is a great place to explore because of the beautiful Badlands landscape. One of the best places to see the Badlands is at the Horseshoe Canyon, which was shaped by a glacier.

There is a trail leading into the Canyon, unfortunately is was closed during the time of our visit (July 2017).

Visiting Horseshoe Canyon is free.

World’s Largest Dinosaur

The World's Largest Dinosaur in Drumheller Alberta Canada

Besides the Badlands, Drumheller is Dinosaur galore, thousands and thousands of bones have been found in the region and dinosaur statues are everywhere.

Climb on the World's Largest Dinosaur in Drumheller - view through the teeth of a T-Rex

The biggest of them all is the 25 meters tall T-Rex located in Drumheller Center. You can climb to the top of the dino and look through its teeth for a great view.

The entrance fee for the World’s Largest Dinosaur is $4 CAD per person.

Pro tip: reader Carrie sent me this piece of insider info => if you want a great breakfast then stop at WHIFS, on North Dinosaur Trail on your way out to the museum.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum

Cheap Hotels In Sri Lanka: 13 Great Hotels Under €25 A Night

Palm trees lining road in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

This post was updated in July 2020.

Sri Lanka is a colorful country with friendly people, delicious food, beautiful nature, ancient history, and splendid beaches. An island located in the Indian Ocean that, despite its compact size, has everything you wish for in a perfect holiday destination.

And the good news is that Sri Lanka is an excellent budget destination, as such you will find lots of comfortable but cheap hotels in Sri Lanka. During our 1 month trip around Sri Lanka, the price we paid for accommodation varied between €6 and €25 per night.

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Cheap hotels in Sri Lanka

Accommodation in Sri Lanka: tips and tricks

When you are traveling around Sri Lanka, you learn a thing or two about Sri Lanka budget accommodation. Here are some important things to know before your trip.

Finding the exact location of your accommodation

I have never had so much trouble finding the accommodation we booked online as in Sri Lanka. In my experience, the locations listed in Agoda and Booking are usually pretty accurate. However, for several accommodations listed below this wasn’t the case.

Luckily, the helpful locals pointed us in the right direction. I have included directions for many of the places we stayed at as well as I could. But if you’re unable to find a place, just ask for help!

The kind people of Sri Lanka are more than happy to point you in the right direction (or walk with you until you have arrived at your desired destination).

Home-stays instead of hotels

Most places we stayed at were home-stays, with only 1-3 rooms. I really enjoyed the small-scale setup of the accommodation in Sri Lanka. In Southeast Asia, we spent most nights in hotels (10-15 rooms). Also very nice, just different.

Agoda versus Booking

I often book with Agoda because most of the time their price is slightly lower than Booking and you can pay online with your credit card (thereby reducing your need for cash).

This can be very convenient in countries with hefty ATM fees or a limit on how much cash you can withdraw per transaction. However, in Sri Lanka, I found Booking often had better offers.

It’s a bit confusing that Agoda does include tax in their price while Booking does not, this makes it more difficult to compare. Anyway, I always check both and book the cheapest option!

Sri Lanka Pidurangala rock view from the top

The best budget hotels in Sri Lanka

In the map below you can find the names and location of the cheap accommodation in Sri Lanka included in this post.

I’ve also added directions for our Sri Lanka accommodation where the map from Agoda/Booking wasn’t accurate.

Sri Lanka best budget hotels map

Click here for the interactive map.

Sri Lanka budget accommodation: important facts and figures

  • I traveled around Sri Lanka with my husband, we spent 26 nights in the country and stayed at 16 different accommodations.
  • Our trip was in February 2017, the exchange rate was approximately 160 Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) for €1 and 150 LKR for $1.
  • Our average, our accommodation costs were 2500LKR/€16/$17 per night.

1. Negombo, Erandi Holiday Home – 1 night

Apakah Sri Lanka Murah: Detail Anggaran Perjalanan Sri Lanka

Pemandangan dari Little Adam's Peak di Ella, Sri Lanka

Posting ini diperbarui pada Juli 2020.

Setelah menghabiskan satu bulan di Sri Lanka menjelajahi bagian Barat, Selatan, Tengah, dan Utara, saya melakukan pengumpulan anggaran perjalanan Sri Lanka kami dan terkejut mengetahui bahwa Sri Lanka adalah negara termurah yang pernah saya kunjungi sejauh ini!

Posting ini mengandung tautan afiliasi.
Silakan baca kebijakan pengungkapan untuk informasi lebih lanjut.

Anggaran perjalanan Sri Lanka

Pabrik Teh Dambatenne di Haputale, Sri Lanka

Perjalanan hemat Sri Lanka

Ketika Frank dan saya berkeliling Asia Tenggara, anggaran harian kami biasanya sekitar € 60 per hari (€ 30 per orang). Di Selandia Baru dan Jepang, harganya sekitar € 100 per hari (€ 50 per orang). Namun, oAnggaran harian Sri Lanka Anda hanya € 44 per hari (€ 22 per orang)!

Jadi apakah Sri Lanka murah? Ya itu!

Periksa infografis di bawah ini untuk informasi terperinci tentang biaya perjalanan kami di Sri Lanka dan cari tahu persis berapa banyak yang kami habiskan untuk akomodasi, transportasi, makanan, kegiatan, dan visa kami.

Bepergian ke Sri Lanka dengan anggaran terbatas!  Anggaran harian Sri Lanka kami adalah € 44 per hari untuk kami sebagai pasangan (€ 22 per orang).  Lihat pos dan infografis untuk detail lebih lanjut (info tentang akomodasi, transportasi, makanan, kegiatan, visa, dan lainnya).  #SriLanka #Ceylon #Travel

Sri Lanka dengan anggaran: fakta dan angka penting

  • Saya bepergian ke Sri Lanka dengan suami saya, semua biaya yang disebutkan dalam anggaran perjalanan Sri Lanka ini untuk kita berdua bersama.
  • Saya mengutip harga Rupee Sri Lanka (LKR) serta € dan $. Ketika kami berada di Sri Lanka (Februari 2017), € 1 adalah sekitar 160LKR dan $ 1 sekitar 150LKR. Karena nilai tukar bervariasi, ini mungkin berbeda sekarang.
  • Saya menghabiskan hampir sebulan penuh di Sri Lanka, 26 hari tepatnya. Secara total, kami menghabiskan 182.000LKR / € 1144 / $ 1.222, yang turun menjadi rata-rata 7000LKR / € 44 / $ 47 per hari untuk kami sebagai pasangan.
  • Rincian anggaran termasuk semua pengeluaran kami di Sri Lanka, tetapi tidak termasuk tiket pesawat kami ke Sri Lanka.
  • Saya juga tidak termasuk biaya penyelaman kami melakukannya di Sri Lanka, karena ini bukan kegiatan yang semua orang akan lakukan dan itu relatif mahal. Saya telah menambahkan info lebih lanjut tentang menyelam di bagian aktivitas lebih lanjut di pos ini.
  • Perjalanan saya dimulai dan berakhir di Kolombo (Bandara Negombo tepatnya).

Biaya untuk bepergian ke Sri Lanka: anggaran harian rata-rata kami

Anggaran harian Sri Lanka - biaya per kategori - bepergian dengan anggaran terbatas

Anggaran backpacking kami di Sri Lanka

  1. Akomodasi: 36% dari biaya perjalanan harian
  2. Angkutan: 6% dari biaya perjalanan harian
  3. Makanan: 36% dari biaya perjalanan harian
  4. Aktivitas berbayar: 13% dari biaya perjalanan harian
  5. Visa: 6% dari biaya perjalanan harian
  6. Lain-lain: 4% dari biaya perjalanan harian

1. Biaya akomodasi di Sri Lanka

Gunung Breezevilla Ella Sri Lanka

Selama perjalanan kami, kami tinggal di rumah-tinggal dan hotel yang saya pesan melalui Agoda dan Pemesanan. Harga bervariasi antara 1000LKR / (€ 6 / $ 7) dan 4000LKR (€ 25 / $ 27) tetapi malam rata-rata adalah 2500LKR / € 16 / $ 17.

Pada tabel di bawah ini Anda dapat menemukan tempat kami menginap (hanya yang saya rekomendasikan!), Tetapi saya juga menulis posting terpisah tentang akomodasi kami di Sri Lanka.

2. Biaya transportasi di Sri Lanka

Nine Arch Bridge, kereta Ella Sri Lanka

Di sinilah Sri Lanka jauh lebih murah daripada negara lain yang pernah saya kunjungi, biaya transportasi hampir tidak ada! Salah satu yang paling indah melatih wahana di dunia berjalan dari Badulla ke Haputale dan biaya hanya 80LKR / € 0,50 / $ 0,50 per orang.

Bis-bis berjalan di mana-mana dan sama-sama murah. Bus naik adalah urusan yang cukup kacau tetapi sangat menyenangkan, dengan musik Sri Lanka yang keras booming dari speaker dan bis membunyikan klakson dengan keras di setiap sudut.

Tuk-tuk sedikit lebih mahal dan membutuhkan keterampilan tawar-menawar. Tetapi masih sangat terjangkau dibandingkan dengan biaya taksi di mana pun di dunia.

Rata-rata, biaya transportasi kami adalah 400LKR / € 2,50 / $ 2,75 per hari. Anda dapat menemukan informasi terperinci tentang cara bepergian dari A ke B di Sri Lanka di pos ini.

3. Biaya makanan di Sri Lanka

Hidangan khas Kotthu Sri Lanka

Makanan juga sangat murah di Sri Lanka, kami jarang menghabiskan lebih dari 500LKR / € 3 / $ 3,50 per orang untuk makan, lebih sering hanya 100-250LKR per orang!

Ada banyak hidangan untuk dicoba: roti (telur, sayur, kelapa, polos), gerbong, nasi & kari, dan banyak lagi. Jus buah juga banyak tersedia (favorit saya adalah nanas), biasanya dihargai antara 100-200LKR.

Rata-rata kami habiskan 2500LKR / € 16 / $ 17 per hari. Ini juga termasuk biaya air, botol 1,5 liter berharga 70-80LKR.

4. Biaya kegiatan di Sri Lanka

Rata-rata kami menghabiskan 900LKR / € 5,50 / $ 6) per hari untuk kegiatan. Di Kolombo, Galle, dan Kandy kami melakukan tamasya kota. Di pantai selatan, kami pergi menyelam, snorkeling, dan berselancar.

Di Ella dan Haputale kami melakukan beberapa pendakian dan di Utara, kami menjelajahi Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, dan Jaffna. Di bawah ini Anda dapat menemukan detail semua aktivitas berbayar kami:

Bepergian ke Sri Lanka dengan anggaran terbatas!  Anggaran harian Sri Lanka kami adalah € 44 per hari untuk kami sebagai pasangan (€ 22 per orang).  Lihat pos dan infografis untuk detail lebih lanjut (info tentang akomodasi, transportasi, makanan, kegiatan, visa, dan lainnya).  #SriLanka #Ceylon #travel

Kami jelas melakukan lebih banyak selama perjalanan 1 bulan kami ke Sri Lanka, tetapi kegiatan lainnya gratis!

catatan: Saya tidak termasuk biaya untuk menyelam. Kami pergi menyelam di Weligama di Weligama Bay Dive Center. Kami membayar $ 60 per orang untuk 2 kali menyelam (termasuk peralatan, air, dan buah segar).

5. Biaya visa untuk Sri Lanka

Kami mendaftar online untuk e-visa untuk Sri Lanka. Bagi kami visa adalah $ 35, kami membayar online dengan kartu kredit, proses semilir yang mudah. Seperti telah melewati bea cukai di Sri Lanka. Karena kami menghabiskan 26 hari di negara ini, biaya harian rata-rata untuk visa adalah 400LKR / € 2,50 / $ 2,75.

Pemandangan Lion Rock Sigariya dari Pidurangala Rock

6. Biaya lain-lain di Sri Lanka

Beberapa biaya acak dalam anggaran backpacking kami di Sri Lanka adalah laundry, semprotan nyamuk, pasta gigi dan (sangat penting ketika Anda mencoba menjalankan blog saat bepergian) SIM lokal dengan banyak data.

Kami membeli SIM dari Dialog, mereka memiliki beberapa paket tetapi penting untuk mengetahui bahwa semua paket adalah paket siang / malam. Ini berarti Anda akan mendapatkan bagian dari data untuk penggunaan antara jam 8 pagi – 12 tengah malam dan bagian lain dari data hanya dapat digunakan antara jam 12 tengah malam dan jam 8 pagi.

Lagi pula, rata-rata kami habiskan 300LKR / € 2 / $ 2 per hari pada item lain-lain.

Matahari terbit yang indah di atas hutan di Sri Lanka

Anggaran Sri Lanka: sebagai kesimpulan

Jadi untuk semua orang bertanya-tanya: berapa biaya perjalanan ke Sri Lanka, Anda sekarang punya jawabannya! Saya harap posting ini meyakinkan Anda untuk melakukan perjalanan ke Sri Lanka, ini adalah negara yang indah dan sangat terjangkau.

Anda dapat mengunduh infografis anggaran di bawah ini. Jangan ragu untuk bertanya apa pun dengan meninggalkan komentar atau mengirim saya email.

The Perfect 1 Month Sri Lanka Itinerary And Travel Guide

Udawalawe sunrise safari Sri Lanka

This post was updated in July 2020.

Sri Lanka may be a small country, but this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean has a whole lot to offer! There are beautiful beaches, green mountains, even greener tea plantations, ancient and impressive Buddhist temples, colorful and detailed Hindu temples, and much more.

This 1 month Sri Lanka itinerary will help you make the most of your Sri Lanka trip. Even if you don’t have time to spend a month in Sri Lanka, I hope this post will give you plenty of inspiration which places to visit in Sri Lanka.

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1 month Sri Lanka itinerary